A little About Us...

About Us

EyeOnHigh is an aerial videography and photography service based in West Cornwall, offering services throughout the UK. Our team has many years of photography and videography experience, including post production and editing. We offer a wide range of services, perfect for Weddings, Estate Agents, Action Sports, business promotion and Surveying and Mapping.

All our services include pre mission surveys to ensure the flight can be carried out safely and legally, flights carried out by experienced and CAA approved operators, and full post production video and photo editing.

All our pilots hold CAA PfCO, and are continually training to keep their skills up to date. We hold £5,000,000 public liability insurance, with the option to extend if necessary.

The Team


Mitch, Director and Head Pilot

Mitch has many years experience of surf and landscape photography and videography, and over 1 years experience flying drones. He holds CAA Permission for Commercial Operations, and is also rated for flying at night. Educated at Swansea University, and having surfed and shot surf photos all around the world, from the notorious Pipeline in Hawaii, to Portugal, Peru, Australia and Indonesia, as well as 25 years of surfing in Cornwall, Mitch’s experience and professionalism ensure he always gets the shots you want.

Captain Mawgan, office dogsbody

The Captain is in charge of morale at the office. Always pushing us to go out and fly, he ensures we get the job done every time!

Laura, Creative Director

Laura studied photography at Cheltenham university, and has many years experience in wedding and landscape photography, as well as video editing and post production. Laura’s eye for a great shot, and creativity in planning and editing videos, ensures that you get a unique and exciting video every time.

What we fly

EyeOnHigh have invested in the DJI Inspire 2.This is DJI’s state of the art vidoegraphy drone, and we fly it with the x5s gimbal and camera with interchangeable lenses.

The x5s shoots 5.7k full HD RAW movies, as well as 20MP high resolution photos, and the interchangeable lenses mean we can get a variety of shots, from sweeping wide angles to crystal clear close-ups.

The Inspire 2 also boasts a host of safety systems, including 2 batteries to ensure redundancy, as well as an intelligent return to home function, offering fully automated obstacle avoidance.

These features combine to create the safest and most powerful videography quadcopter on the market, ensuring we always deliver the shots you want safely, and with perfect clarity.

Our Mission

At EyeOnHigh we always strive to deliver the best possible High Definition images, whilst always ensuring that we are operating safely and legally. All our services include a free pre deployment survey – if we decide that it cannot be done safely and legally, we won’t fly the mission, and you won’t be charged a penny.

Flying Safely and Legally

At EyeOnHigh, safety is our number one priority. We hold CAA PFCO and £5million public liability insurance. All our missions are preceded by a thorough pre flight survey to ensure we can fully comply with all regulations. If we do not believe that we can carry out a flight %100 safely and legally, we will not fly, and you won’t be charged.

What we need from you

All we need from you is as detailed a description as possible of what you want from the job, and if there are any shots you particularly desire, and written permission from the landowner to take-off. We will provide you with a form, which just needs the landowners permission. You can leave everything else to us!


Case Studies