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Hotel Drone Videography in Cornwall

Aerial Photography and Videography is the perfect way to promote your business, and really make it stand out from the crowd. For large venues and hotels, especially those with large grounds or spectacular settings, aerial shots give a sense of space and perspective which traditional photography just can’t. We offer aerial filming and photography, as well as interior shots, to enable us to tell your unique story. Years of experience of post production means we can create a beautiful promotional video to showcase your business.  We can also work with one of Cornwall’s leading creators of Virtual Reality and 3D modelling, to offer complete 3D VR tours of your establishment.

Holiday Lets Cornwall

The holiday rental business is very competitive, and just like with larger hotels, marketing is everything. Smaller properties mean less time filming, so our first package will be suitable for most smaller holiday rental businesses. This will provide you with spectacular pictures, plus a 1 to 2 minute fully edited video of your establishment. A pre flight survey (usually possible online) by one of our team will tell you if this will be suitable for you.



All our packages include complete pre flight surveys, hire of our Inspire 2 drone with a CAA approved, experienced operator, as well as full post production of photos and videos.

Package 1Package 2Package 3
£300£500£1000 to £1500
Full pre flight survey and risk assessmentFull pre flight survey and risk assessmentFull pre flight survey and risk assessment
Half day filming Full day filming (for larger properties)Full day filming
Edited aerial imagesEdited aerial imagesEdited aerial images
Fully edited promo videoFully edited promo videoFully edited promo video
3D model and VR tour


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