Roof inspections by drone. Quick, Efficient, Cost Effective.

Roof Inspections

Roofs, Chimneys and Gutters

Our drones offer the perfect way to visually inspect roofs, chimneys, and gutters, without the need for costly scaffolding or cherry pickers. Whether you’re a roofing company, a chimney repair company, a builder, or a private individual wishing to check the state of your house, EyeOnHigh offers an affordable way to inspect hard to reach places.

Our Inspire 2 comes equipped with an x5s camera with interchangeable lenses. The Olympus 45mm lens allows us to get close up, crystal clear images whilst maintaining a safe distance from the building, while our experienced pilots, combined with the drone’s intelligent obstacle avoidance system guarantees a safe and successful flight.


Our Mavic Air is a very small, lightweight drone capable of producing 4k video and 12MP stills, and allows us to get close up in areas where a larger drone wouldn’t fit. Between the 2 drones we have you covered from every angle!


Every flight will be preceded by a thorough site survey to ensure the mission can be completed both safely and legally. If it can’t you won’t be charged a penny.

Full Roof Health Survey

We’re very happy to have teamed up with the surveyors at RDR estates to offer complete roof health reports. Our drones capture close up, high resolution images of all parts of your roof, then the surveyor uses these images to provide a complete, detailed report, highlighting any potential problems and the steps needed to rectify them.


Prices for roof inspection start at just £200 for a standard inspection.

Please contact us on 07858748454 or to discuss your requirements, or use our contact form.


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