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Drone Wedding Photography & Videography in Cornwall

At EyeOnHigh, we specialise in Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography in Cornwall and Devon. Our drones are able to capture unique, stunning images of your big day. EyeOnHigh will complete a thorough site survey to ensure that we can operate safely and legally at your venue, and liase with you both prior to, and during the day, to ensure we capture the shots you want. All our pilots hold CAA PFCO, and we have £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

Your wedding will be one of the most important and memorable day of your lives, and our UAVs can help to capture and record those memories from a unique perspective.

With packages starting from £300, and including post production video and photo editing, this is an affordable way to create an incredible record of your wedding day.

Why use a drone at a wedding?

Drone wedding photography is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Shooting a wedding from the air gives a whole new twist to traditional wedding photography. We are able to shoot fantastic images of the whole wedding, and especially give a great view of large groups of people that can otherwise be hard to obtain, and give your wedding videos a truly cinematic feel, with sweeping shots that show the grandeur and scale of the location of your wedding.

What we offer

EyeOnHigh can provide Ultra HD videos and Super High resolution photos of your wedding, with prices starting at £300 for half a day, which gives you an edited video along with all the photos of your big day. We also work with some of the very best local wedding photographers, so are also able to offer a complete wedding package of both land and aerial shooting.

Matt Chivers, Videographer

We’re very happy to be working with the very talented Matt Chivers at Yours Forever Wedding Films to offer complete video coverage of your entire day. Our ground and aerial video package means we won’t miss a moment of your wedding. We’ll create a beautiful, cinematic movie of your celebrations so you can relive your big day over and over again, preserving your memories in a way nothing else can match. We are totally flexible and able to work with any ideas and requests you may have, get in touch to find out more!


Operating safely is our number one priority. All our pilots are CAA approved and registered, and we use the latest in UAV technology to ensure the safest possible operations. Flying a drone at a wedding requires considerable planning and preparation, and we will need plenty of advance warning in order to discuss safety considerations with you and the venue.

The Venue

Most wedding venues are ideal for drone work, especially where they have large grounds or grand buildings. Outdoor venues with lots of space are best suited for drone filming, however we do have the required experience and skill to fly indoors if the venue is suitable for this. From time to time it’s not possible to fly a drone at certain venues, for example if they are adjacent to an airfield or in a busy urban area. Our pre deployment planning is completely free – if for any reason we are unable to fly at a certain location, we won’t charge you a penny.


Our drones are unable to fly in rain or very high winds. We will continually check the forecast and keep you updated on the likelihood of the conditions permitting a successful flight. If we have to cancel beforehand due to adverse weather conditions being forecast, we will refund your fee minus the deposit, or if you’ve booked a team shoot  the drone operator can film from the ground instead.

Are drones noisy?

Our drones have four high powered motors to provide the lift they need to get the camera into the sky – you can think of them as mini helicopters – and as such do make some noise. We would usually recommend they are grounded for important things like vows and speeches so they don’t distract guests from what’s going on! We can film these from the ground instead and incorporate them into your video.

Wedding Prices

All our wedding packages include hire of a CAA approved, fully insured pilot, and DJI Inspire 2 drone, as well as post production editing of video and photos. We offer aerial photography and videography, ground based filming of important moments such as vows and speeches, and also work with top local photographers to offer a complete wedding photography package.

Package 1Package 2Package 3Package 4
Half day £300 (2 flights) Full day £500 Full day £900 Full day £1200
Mitch filming from the skyMitch filming from the skyMitch filming from the sky, Matt filming from the groundFULL TEAM! Mitch filming from the sky, Matt and Zain filming from the ground.
Aerial VideographyAerial VideographyAerial VideographyAerial videography
Aerial PhotographyAerial PhotographyAerial PhotographyAerial Photography
All day video coverage with Matt as Videographer and Mitch filming with drone (normally 11 to 12 hours). Bridal prep through to first dance.All day video coverage with Matt and Zain as Videographers and Mitch filming with drone (normally 11 to 12 hours). Bridal prep through to first dance.
Video message boothVideo message booth
post production video and photo editing, including 2 to 5 min feature filmPost production video and photo editing, including 2-5 minute feature film Post production video and photo editing, including 3-5 minute feature film and 12-15 minute extended film.Post production video and photo editing, including 3-5 minute feature film and 12-15 minute extended film.

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