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Property Photography

Aerial Property  Photography

Aerial photographs and videography are the perfect way to give your property portfolio an extra dimension and really catch the eye of potential buyers. Shooting with a drone gives a sense of scale and size of properties. It’s especially helpful in the marketing of large properties or those with a lot of land, as you get a perspective of scale and space that isn’t possible with traditional, land – based real estate photography. It also gives a much better idea of the size and shape of a property, and how it lies in relation to its surroundings.

Why use a drone?

Using a drone for marketing real estate has several advantages. Aerial shots of a property are very eye-catching, and a sure fire way to grab a potential buyer’s attention. According to MLS, one of America’s largest real estate listing agencies, homes that were listed with aerial photos sold 68% faster than those with standard images. Drones also make it very easy to provide a video tour of the property. The National Association of Realtors  (U.S) reported that 73% of homeowners said that they were more likely to list their home with an agent who offered videos as well as photos.

Using a drone is a very cost effective way of creating outstanding marketing aids for your property portfolio. We offer basic photography packages starting from as little as £150. Depending on the suitability of the property, we can also offer 3D modelling of a property, 3D and VR tours, and high definition 2D google earth referenced maps to really make your listings stand out.

Flying Safely

Safety is our number one priority at EyeOnHigh. All our pilots are CAA approved and registered, and we use the latest in UAV technology to ensure the safest possible operations. Every mission we fly is preceded by an online check of the suitability of the location, including potential hazards and airspace classification. This will be followed up by an on site survey and risk assessment carried out by the pilot prior to flying.

Sometimes it will be impossible to fly carry out a flight safely, if this is the case we will always inform you, and you won’t be charged anything.

Flying Legally

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are operated under Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations in the UK. All our pilots hold CAA Permission for Commercial Operations, including for flying at night. We also have £5,000,000 of public liability insurance which can be increased if a particular job demands it.

CAA regulations state that drones cannot be flown within 50m of any person, building or vehicle that is not “under our direct control”. It is also illegal to fly over congested areas or within 150m of large groups of people. As with the safety issues, we will do a thorough check that the mission can be carried out legally, and in the unlikely event that it can’t, you won’t be charged.

 Property Photography

Here at EyeOnHigh we also specialise in more traditional property photography. With many years photographic experience, we can provide beautiful images of your holiday let which will really make it stand out from the crowd. Creative shooting, interesting angles and lighting, and use of props combine with our photographers’ knack for capturing eye-catching imagery really help you maximise the potential of your property.


All our packages include pre flight surveys, hire of our Inspire 2 drone with a CAA approved, experienced operator, as well as full post production of photos and videos.

Package 1 Package 2Package 3Package 4
£150 £200£150 up to 3 beds, £200 more than 3 beds £250 - £300 depending on property size
Full pre flight safety survey Full pre flight safety surveyFull internal and external traditional photo shootFull pre flight safety survey
Edited aerial images Edited aerial images Edited aerial images
1 to 2 minute edited video1 to 2 minute edited video
360 aerial photo360 aerial photo
Full internal shoot


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