Little Boquio

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Providing aerial shots for Purple Bricks Estate Agent.

EyeOnHigh works closely with Purple Bricks Estate Agents to provide high quality aerial photos and videos of larger properties. This farm at Farms Common is a unique and very beautiful property with paddocks, fields and a beautiful garden, as well as some standing stones! It’s very hard to give an idea of the extent of the property with photos taken from the ground, but our Inspire 2 is perfect for showing it off!

The data backs up the usefulness of these aerial shots too, as according to MLS, one of America’s largest real estate listing agencies, homes that were listed with aerial photos sold 68% faster than those with standard images.

If you’re selling a property, EyeOnHigh’s services are very affordable, with quality images from as little as £150. The day the photos below were uploaded to Purple Bricks’ website, the number of clicks on this advert tripled from the day before, so you can rest assured it pays off!


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