Newlyn Raft Race

July 24, 2017

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A brilliant time was had by all in the Newlyn sunshine yesterday!

We had a lovely time in Newlyn shooting the raft race yesterday, a really throwback to our youth when the rugby team would enter a raft every year! Creative director Laura and the girls did an awesome job of not sinking, while Director Mitch took to the skies to document the fun. Aviation laws meant we couldn’t get too close to the action, but Mitch still got some great shots, and managed to snap a couple of cheeky pics of the Penlee Lifeboat and Newlyn Harbour. Big thanks to the Harbour Lights team for organising, and to harbour master Rob for letting us take off and shoot the harbour!

The Penlee lifeboats keep watch over the rafts, and also provide a challenge with water cannon and wake!

The “Ivan Ellen”, full steam ahead returning to harbour!

Huge thanks to Rob and the Harbour Authority for letting us take off on Sandy Cove, and shoot their beautiful piers.


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