The stunning coastline...

West Cornwall

May 15, 2017


The stunning coastline and Mining heritage around EyeInHigh's HQ.

Pendeen Watch stands guard over the treacherous rocks and currents of West Penwith. Huge waves, hidden granite peaks just under the surface, and exposure to the wild Atlantic storms makes this a place to be treated with respect. However, when the weather is right, it’s a beautiful and enchanting place to explore, and to fly!

Looking west from EyeOnHigh’s test flight facility towards Cape Cornwall and The Brisons. This rugged coastline has been the scene for generations of Cornish mining, fishing and farming (not to mention smuggling!), ands we’re incredibly lucky to be able to call such a beautiful part of the world home.

The lighthouse at Pendeen Watch shot from the other side. A magnificent building standing guard over the rugged coast and smugglers’ coves. This area is also renowned for its wildlife, with seals and choughs seen on a daily basis, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, even dolphins and whales!

Levant Mine, another gem of Cornish mining history, just down the road from EyeOnHigh’s HQ. Lovingly restored by volunteers, the engine house and working beam engine are well worth checking out!c


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